Letter to Ohio Governor DeWine from Older Youth Advocacy Organizations

April 11, 2020

Overcoming Hurdles in Ohio Youth Advisory Board

Alumni of Care Together Improving Outcomes Now Ohio

…We would also like to propose, and offer our assistance in implementing; three proactive measures that we believe will vastly improve current and long-term outcomes for young people in and from foster care. Especially now, in the midst of crisis, our state has the opportunity and responsibility to:

  1. Expedite the timeline for establishing a statewide Foster Youth Ombudsman’s Office.
  2. Extend Chafee supports to age 23, as authorized by the federal Family First Act.
  3. Suspend emancipation proceedings for all youth facing release from foster care for six months, allow re-entry for foster youth younger than 21, and allow youth who reach the age of 21 in extended foster care (Bridges) to remain in care through October 30, 2020. …

Letter here

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