Kansas Department of Children and Families announces additional support to family-based providers

In this communication, the Department for Children and Families acknowledges that schools closings may have created additional mealtime and other expenses for your family-based providers. To help offset those additional costs, the Department is providing an additional temporary rate increase of $8.00 per day for each child in the foster care program. DCF will apply the higher rate from March 23 to May 15, 2020.

“This additional $8.00 daily rate augments the current level of care payment for each child. Caregivers will notice this increase with their April 5, 2020 reimbursement. These rates will happen automatically and no action is required by the caregiver. Currently this rate increase is approved only for the critical period of school closures; March 23 to May 15. Rates will return to previous daily amount at the end of this period.”

dcf.ks.gov/COVID19/Documents/COVID-19_Family-basedProvidersGuidance.pdf(opens in a new tab)

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