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Join us on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 in communicating to the U.S. Senate about the urgent need to support older youth in & leaving foster care.

Help us ask Senator Grassley and other Members of Congress to support older youth in and leaving foster care. Why? Senator Grassley is a key decision maker on foster care policy in the Senate. It’s our understanding that the Senate is developing new federal legislation in July to provide assistance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s an important time to educate Congress about the unique needs of young people and urge Congress to include provisions to provide support to young people.

  • Young people in and leaving foster care are still struggling during the pandemic.
  • Many need services and funds to make ends meet and many young people fear aging out during a pandemic and with an economy that has not recovered.
  • We need Congress to take action now to address the needs of youth in and aging out of foster care across the country.
  • Increasing Chafee funds and making sure no youth ages out of foster care during the pandemic are among the important reforms that Congress should enact.

Here are the three things you can do on Tuesday, July 14th: TWEET, EMAIL, and CALL Congress. Here are some suggestions.

  1. TWEET:  When you tweet Senator Grassley, use the list of tweets in the link or the sample messages below.  Feel free to personalize them.  
  2. EMAIL: When you email Senator Grassley’s Office, you can use the template email in the link.  Please fill in your experience and leave out what is not relevant to you. 
  3. CALL: Dial Senator Grassley’s office phone at (202) 224 – 3744. If someone picks up the phone, ask to speak to a staffer who works on child welfare issues or ask to leave a message for Senator Grassley and use the script in the link. Please fill in your experience and leave out what is not relevant to you. 

Thank you Senator @ChuckGrassley for your leadership on Senate Caucus on Foster Youth.  #TAY are experiencing food, housing, school and work insecurity. Will you ensure targeted relief for older #fosteryouth in the next #COVID19 package?

 @ChuckGrassley have you read the story from @DMRegister about Iowa foster youth who need help to get through the #pandemic? Will you help current and former foster youth fearing #homelessness by leading relief efforts for #fosteryouth? 

@ChuckGrassley we need leaders like you to champion relief efforts for #fosteryouth. @FosterClub found over half of youth polled did not receive a #stimuluscheck and 65% had lost their job. Tee shares her thoughts on #COVID19 here

@ChuckGrassley we need leaders like you to champion relief efforts and make sure no young person ages out during the pandemic #NoAgingOut #Fosteryouth need the leadership and support of Congress urgently #SupportFosterYouth

 @ChuckGrassley please join Tee, a former #fosteryouth, in asking Congress to increase Chafee funds and #supportfosteryouth in care during the #COVID19 pandemic

Thank you Senate Caucus and @ChuckGrassley for hosting a briefing on the impacts of #COVID-19 on #fosteryouth! Will you advance targeted relief for foster youth in the next COVID19 package?


Post, tag and follow #ChildWelfareCOVID for the latest news and resources.

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Sample Tweets & Posts

General Tweets

Nearly 600 national, state & local partners have come together to urge Congress to act immediately to approve #ChildWelfareCOVID funding to strengthen families and protect children during this crisis.

#ChildWelfareCOVID response must be comprehensive and include child maltreatment prevention, strengthening child welfare’s response to crises, supporting older youth who are particularly vulnerable & helping older caregivers access critical necessities.

Congress must provide crucial supports to children & families facing the stress and disruptions resulting from the #COVID19 pandemic, by equipping prevention and child welfare systems with the tools they need to keep children safe. #ChildWelfareCOVID

#KeepFosterFamiliesStrong Posts

Foster families are struggling to meet children’s needs during this epidemic. They need better technology, crisis support, and targeted financial assistance to weather this national emergency #KeepFosterFamiliesStrong Ask #Congress for emergency #ChildWelfareCOVID funding

Our #Fosterfamilies continue to step up for children in crisis, but the COVID crisis creates major challenges. They need up to date information to help kids stay connected to families and supports #KeepFosterFamiliesStrong Ask #Congress for emergency #ChildWelfareCOVID support.

Today’s #fosterfamilies and #kinshipcaregivers are working hard. We’re always recruiting to meet new need. Child welfare agencies need new tools and resources to support existing families and recruit and train new families #ChildWelfareCOVID #KeepFosterFamiliesStrong

#PreventChildAbuse Posts

Help #childwelfare agencies stabilize families & prevent an influx of children entering #fostercare. Tell your Sens/Reps: Congress must increase #ChildWelfareCOVID funding to the Promoting Safe and Stable Families Program.

Local #prevention services/programs are critical during times of crisis to ensure parents have the tools to manage stress and keep their children safe. Tell Congress that we must #preventchildabuse and increase #ChildWelfareCOVID funding to CAPTA Title II now.

Prevention services are the most cost-effective way to make sure parents feel supported and keep children stay safe. Tell Congress that we must increase #ChildWelfareCOVID funding to CAPTA Title II now and #preventchildabuse.

Additional stress from #COVID19 will increase the risk of child abuse, but we can support families with prevention services. Tell Congress that we must increase #ChildWelfareCOVID funding to CAPTA Title II now and #keepfamiliesstrong.

With this #COVID19 Epidemic, we need to move quickly to help #KeepFamiliesStrong and children safe from #childabuse and neglect. Ask #Congress for emergency #ChildWelfareCOVID funding

Support Grandparents and Other Relative Caregivers Posts

Grandparents stepped up to care for grandchildren in the wake of the opioid epidemic. Now they’ve got another crisis to overcome. #KinshipCaregivers need more #KinshipNavigator Resources. #ChildWelfareCOVID

Grandparents and older relatives caring for children can’t risk visiting stores and exposure to COVID-19. They’re struggling to get food and medical supplies; resources would help. They need more #KinshipNavigator to help access supplies. Include #KinshipCaregivers in #ChildWelfareCOVID

With the real possibility of illness looming before them, grandparents and other relative caregivers need emergency plans for children in their care if COVID-19 strikes. They need #KinshipNavigator Resources to help them figure out how to prepare #ChildWelfareCOVID

#KeepFamiliesStrong and Support Young Children and #Babies Posts

Strengthening families prevents child abuse, especially in times of crisis #KeepFamiliesStrong Ask #Congress for emergency #ChildWelfareCOVID funding

Congress needs to take immediate action to help vulnerable children and families involved in #ChildWelfare. #SocialWorkers are on the frontlines of this epidemic, keeping children safe. Ask #Congress for emergency #ChildWelfareCOVID funding #UpChafee

To #KeepFamiliesStrong and mitigate #COVID19’s harmful social impact, we must support those with young children by increasing their resilience and preventing harm that can have lasting effects. #ChildWelfareCOVID

Babies experience profound and long-term developmental effects from catastrophic events, like #COVID19. Congress must #KeepFamiliesStrong and support the #childwelfare system during this critical time. #ChildWelfareCOVID

Young children are particularly vulnerable to maltreatment. As families experience isolation, great stress & inability to access support/treatment amid #COVID19, that number could very likely increase. Fund #ChildWelfareCOVID & #KeepFamiliesStrong!

Now more than ever, we must ensure children are safe and families have the resources they need to deal with added stress. We urge Congress to approve #ChildWelfareCovid funding to #KeepFamiliesStrong by supporting effective programs that help children thrive.

CBCAP funded programs are working to make sure kids are happy and healthy even during COVID-19. Congress must act immediately to approve #ChildWelfareCOVID funding to help communities deliver essential supplies and supports to families who need them the most. #KeepFamiliesStrong

Family support programs help families during their toughest times. Whether it’s parenting strategies or offering support in times of need, these programs are helping families weather the storm. Congress must act to #KeepFamiliesStrong and #ChildWelfareCOVID $ where it is needed.

COVID-19 has revealed structural inequities impacting the health and well-being of our nation’s families and children. Congress must act to enact solutions so that we build a society where ALL children and families can thrive. #ChildWelfareCOVID #KeepFamiliesStrong

Families are doing their best to manage their own fear and stress during this crisis and to reduce the trauma being experienced by their children – but they need help. Congress must act to enact #ChildWelfareCOVID funding to #KeepFamiliesStrong during this crisis.

Many families in our nation were already struggling and this pandemic is now more than they can manage – economically and emotionally. Congress must act to enact #ChildWelfareCOVID funding to #KeepFamiliesStrong during this crisis.

Support the Courts Posts

Family court shutdowns, reduced staffing, and technological challenges are compromising child safety and delaying reunification. Congress should increase #CIP grants to help our children, families and courts during this #ChildWelfareCOVID epidemic

Many children in foster care are waiting to return home to families; #fosterfamilies provide safe havens but court closures can cause reunification delays. Ask Congress for increased #CIP funding to keep court hearings on track #ChildWelfareCOVID #KeepFosterFamiliesStrong

Older Youth Posts

Young people in #FosterCare and those who exited #WithoutFamilyToTurnTo are being hit hard by the #COVID19 pandemic, as many do not have financial resources or family support during these difficult times. They need our help. Ask #Congress for emergency #ChildWelfareCOVID support #UpChafee

Young people in and leaving #FosterCare are incredibly vulnerable and being hit hard by the #COVID19 pandemic, as many do not have family support during these difficult times. #SupportFosterYouth #WithoutFamilyToTurnTo #UPChafee #ChildWelfareCOVID

We have a special responsibility to young people who reach adulthood in foster care. Foster youth need – and deserve – support of Congress now more than ever. #UPChafee by $500m to keep our promise to youth from #FosterCare. #ChildWelfareCOVID