Family Is A Compelling Reason

April 7, 2020

Opinion column in the Chronicle of Social Change by Jerry Milner and David Kelly of the Children’s Bureau

We have to commit to doing all within our power to protect parent-child relationships during separations, and to continue to work as diligently as we possibly can to achieve reunification for those families who are not yet together.

We cannot hit pause. We cannot allow a hiatus.

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Children’s Bureau Letter on Housing Support When Universities, Colleges Close Due to COVID-19

March 12, 2020

The Children’s Bureau encourages child welfare agencies to be attentive to youth and young adults affected by the circumstances. Youth may require assistance not only with housing, but also accessing food, health care, and emotional support. The CB urges child welfare agencies to act with a sense of urgency to reach out to and support youth/ young adults at this moment.

Letter here.

Children’s Bureau Information Memorandum on ACF grant flexibilities

The Administration for Children and Families released an Information Memorandum (IM-ACF-OA-2020-01) dealing with grant flexibilities in conducting human service activities related to or affected by COVID-19. The guidance provides short-term relief for administrative, financial management, and audit requirements for ACF applicants and grantees/recipients who are conducting human services activities related to or affected by COVID-19.

Information memorandum here.

Children’s Bureau Letter to Child Welfare Legal and Judicial Leaders

March 27, 2020 The Children’s Bureau (CB) addresses questions and concerns regarding a number of child welfare issues in light of the COVID-19 public health emergency, including whether the Children’s Bureau can waive statutorily required judicial proceedings. In this letter, the Children’s Bureau urges attorneys, courts, Court Improvement Programs, and administrative offices of the courts to work together to ensure that requisite judicial proceedings continue during the COVID-19 pandemic. It states that the Children’s Bureau expects that courts and states will work together to determine how best to balance child-safety related statutory requirements against public-health mandates. As situations require, courts can and should use flexible means of convening required hearings.

Letter here