NY Advocates and Service Providers Urge State Leaders to Address Child and Family Well-being

Advocates and service providers working with families impacted by the child welfare system write to Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Poole and urge the following action steps:

  • Enact a temporary moratorium on “aging out” of foster care
  • Provide COVID-19 Emergency Response Pay for foster parents, frontline staff and reunified families
  • Provide technology and support to ensure children and families remain connected:
  • Restore funding support for local kinship caregiver programs:
  • Ensure young people with current and previous foster care experience can access the benefits to which they are entitled
  • Address delays in permanency by making hearings essential business for Family Court
  • Ensuring kin and non-related foster families can be expeditiously approved as resource families:
  • Ensure all families can access necessary supports to maintain stability in the home

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APHSA Letter to Congress on COVID

April 10, 2020

Based on feedback from our members across the nation, this letter identifies the most urgent legislative tools needed to support human services agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic and its immediate aftermath including investment in the infrastructure needed to create economic opportunity, keeping children safe and mitigating the trauma families are experiencing, ensuring access to basic nutritional supports, and reinforcing the ability of our child care system to provide quality care to families impacted by the pandemic.

Letter here

Generations United’s COVID-19 Fact Sheet for Grandfamilies and Multigenerational Families

Our country and the world are facing a pandemic unlike any many of us have seen before. People over the age of 60 and those with compromised immune systems are among the highest-risk populations COVID-19 is impacting. While grandparents are being advised to isolate themselves physically from grandchildren, it is nearly impossible for older caregivers to distance themselves from the children they are raising. You are on the front line for your family every day. Today’s challenges are making it much tougher to care for them. This fact sheet offers suggestions on how to stay healthy, informed and connected.

Factsheet here

Millions of U.S. grandparents care for young kids — and are high risk for covid-19

March 18, 2020

The Washington Post

As the coronavirus ravages the world, older people and those with health problems are being warned to self-isolate to avoid catching the virus that causes covid-19, which is exceptionally lethal for them. Children, on the other hand, are believed to be less seriously affected but may play a major role in spreading the virus. And so, like millions of grandparents across the United States who are primary or critical caretakers for their grandchildren, Gentry faces a quandary: Caring for herself is at odds with caring for them.

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